Unofficial Garmin LiveTrack to TCX File Extractor

[Step #1] LiveTrack URL:

[Step #2] LiveTrack JSON URL: (complete Step #1 first)

[Step #3] Paste file contents from LiveTrack JSON URL below:
[Step #4] Copy and paste the processed text below into a TCX file (text file with .tcx extension):

Instructions for extracting a TCX file from your Garmin LiveTrack session.

Note: This will only work if you enabled the "Extended Sharing" option when you started your LiveTrack session. With the extended sharing option enabled, you have 24 hours to view your LiveTrack session before it disappears for good.

  1. From the Garmin LiveTrack email, click the "Watch My Live Activity" button. This will load the LiveTrack session into a new browser window. Copy the URL (web browser location) of the LiveTrack page, paste it into the field in Step #1 above, and click "Go."
  2. Click on the LiveTrack JSON URL that appears. This will open a new browser tab/window or it will prompt you to save the link to a file.
  3. Paste the contents of the file from Step #2 into the text area in Step #3 and then press the "Process" button.
  4. If everything works, the box under Step #4 will contain the generated TCX file information. Highlight all of the text and save it to a new TCX file (just a plain old text-based file with a .tcx file extension)

That's basically it! If everything worked, your TCX file can now be uploaded to Strava or your favorite training software. If this saved your bacon on an important ride, that's awesome! If you feel so inclined to leave a little donation, please use the "Donate" button below. Enjoy!

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